Benkovich / Zic Family History

You no longer need to fill out text based forms to update information on yourself or your family located in the Family Genealogy site.

Go to Family & Friends Genealogy  to see the new Genealogy Program, and explore and update your family.

Please update as much information as you can.  Come back often and do a little at a time.

When you first start to work you will only be able to “suggest” a change.  But as I discover you have accessed to the genealogy part, I will grant you access to “add” and “edit”.  If I am not quick enough email me.

If you get to use the “Edit” feature to make changes, be careful.

Please Update Information as often as possible:

Information on the site needs to be updated and we need your help. Even if you have filled out a form before there are new fields to be filled out.

Please use the following Family & Friends Group forms to add to the history, by putting in:

  • Dates (birth, marriage, death)
  • Occupation (we would like to have a record of your life achievements, so you can add more than one)
  • Education (same as above you can add more than one)

PDF – select PDF to bring it up on your computer, then print it or save it to your computer.
Use this method to PRINT a document that you can fill in by hand.
When finished mail it back to me at 294 Orient Way Rutherford NJ 07070

Only do this if you can’t use email.  Email makes it much easier.  Of course you can actually fill out the information right on the site which is the best option.

Benkovich / Zic Family History

Our Genealogy system is a powerful way to manage and display our genealogy data on the Internet!  All the while keeping information secure behind our login system.   It allows every family member to “suggest” changes and additions to the information presented!

  • Tentative Edit: Allows family members to make suggestions or submit changes that only become permanent upon review.
  • You now have the power to make it right!

Click on “Suggest” when you get into the program and your looking at someone. Or if you are on Group Sheet there are little “Icons” that you can click on to “Suggest a change for this event

There are a lot of additional fields you can fill out.  BUT the easiest is to add notes one at a time and save them.

  • Photos
    Upload and link several photos to one individual, or link one photo to several individuals. Give each photo a title and description as well. Browse all photos at once, or search for a keyword to help you find the ones you want. Or, pick one person and cycle through their own private list. Provide (or have TNG generate) a small thumbnail to be used on the pedigree & descendancy charts, and at the top of each individual page.
  • Plus many more improvements, including new pedigree views (see who we are missing), collapsible descendancy charts, image maps and support for scanned documents!

Multiple family trees (we do not have any so you can skip)
If you want to have multiple Family (GEDCOM) files that need to be kept separate, we can do it by putting each one in its own tree. Family can still search across all trees, but maintenance can be done on a particular Tree without affecting any others.


  • Dates & Anniversaries: Quickly find all individuals associated with any date in history.
  • Places: Search all places, drill down through localities and merge duplicates.
  • History Creator: Easily build histories and biographies with the same look and feel.
  • Timeline Events: Graph and compare the lifespans of an unlimited number of individuals on top of a backdrop of historical events important to your heritage.
  • Improved interface: New tabs and icons put more options within reach of all family visitors.
  • More search options: Advanced Search page now lets you search on almost every event type.

Please go to the Genealogy system and Login Family & Friends Genealogy

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